Sweden is one of the most difficult counties to take refugee in in Europe for the Ukrainans and people leave our country due to this. Approximately 1/3 rd have left. We are not giving them the protection needed. We are one of the richest countries - still we do not help / protect them well enough.


We need action NOW to change this! Emergency support is needed! We need food support and a better financial support NOW!

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Ukrainians in Sweden - and their situation

"Breaking news 2024-01-21"

The Minister of Migration announces improvements for the Ukrainian refugees in Sweden - read under articles >>


New page - What do the leading organisations that support Ukrainians say about the current situation?


- Sweden is starving the Ukrainain refugees! The financial support - that should cover all needs - is not enough to feed a person. Refugees are leaving Sweden for other countries - and others wish they could but with kids in schools and kindergarten, they do not want to move them again...

Sweden is not taking its responsibility and other countries have to back up for our failure. Sweden uses a high voice to tell everyone how much we support Ukraine in Ukraine (good!), but is quite about the fact that the refugees in Sweden are suffering and do not even have enough money for food. This is hypocrisy! It is time for a change - not soon - but now! And we need emergency support for food this Winter.

"We support the soldiers in the front line (good), but we starve their parents, wifes and children and we fail to protect them. This does not only affect the Ukrainians but the society as a whole as many are to poor with all the negative effects that may cause."

If the Government can not act quickly - then the local Governments/Municipalities must act to off-load all charity organisations that now stand up to support as good as they can.

There are a lot of other challenges as well for the Ukrainians - find more information under <Main problems> and <Articles>

In Stockholm hundreds of Ukrainians queues for hours outside in the cold in order to get a bag of food from the Red Cross in Hagsätra. People come from the the whole region and spend long time travelling there. The sceenes are similar to the ones we see from Ukraine. Many can not afford enough food - not even for their children!

Read the recent debate article in Svenska Dagbladet.

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English >>

Ukrainian >>

"Sweden is doing great in supporting Ukraine in Ukraine...

Unfortunately we fail in supporting the parents, the wifes and the children of the soliders here in Sweden - on our own back yard. This must change or the aftermath for the Swedish Government and Sweden as a country will be harsh.

It would not cost much to help the poorest - but it would make a great difference.

Today an adult receives SEK 71 a day. A child between 37 and 50. A mother with two children must live on approx SEK 160 a day - equalent to EUR 14 / USD 15. This shall cover all needs, except the rent that is provided for.

We need emergency help NOW!"

I believe the aftermath of this situation will be harsh and give many politicians and people a bad concious. We often say that we have made mistakes in our integration of foreigners coming here. NOW we actually have a chance to change this - instead of complaining afterwards.

Sweden will be known as the country who supported Ukraine in Ukraine very good - we helped their soldiers. But - we failed to support the parents, the wifes and the children of the soldiers that are here in Sweden - and left many to real poverty/a misserable life. Actually many refugees have left Sweden to go to other countries because it is to difficult to live here!"

Sven Bergland

Support local initiatives where Ukrainians can get things for free.

Speak to your policitians in your municipality - and in the government. Send e-mails or call.

Please urge them to take action on improving the financial situation of those Ukrainian refugees who need it!   Many struggle without work and only have very small amount of money. They are already poor here - and risk more exclusion in our society. This is bad for them and for our society as a whole.