Financial support*

The daily allowance is different depending on whether you live in one of the Migration Agency's accommodations where food is included or in an accommodation where food is not included. The size of the daily allowance is also affected if you choose to arrange your accommodation yourself.

Before you can receive any financial support, you need to show that you have used all your own money first.

In accommodation where food is not included, the daily allowance is

SEK 71 - EUR  6,3      day for single adults

SEK 61 - EUR  5,4      day and person for adults who share household expenses

SEK 37 - EUR  3,3      day for children 0–3 years

SEK 43 - EUR  3,8      day for children 4–10 years

SEK 50 - EUR  4,5      day for children 11–17 years.

A mother with 2 children receives approx. EUR 14 a day for all.

(The amount is the same as it was in 1994. It has not changed in 29 years !!!!!!!)

Families with more than two children receive full day allowance for the two oldest children and half day allowance for other children.

In addition to food, the daily allowance must be enough for clothes and shoes, healthcare and medicine, dental care, hygiene items, other consumables and leisure activities.

* Source The Migration Agency

The rent is payed for if the refugee accept the accomodation and location provided. When you have an income you pay your own rent. The same applies if you do not accept the accomodation / location suggested.

In addition to financial support, there is other public support that varies depending on in what municipality you live in. In Stockholm Ukrainian refugees travell for free.