Situation - Ukrainian refugees in Sweden

This website aims at highlighting the troublesome situation for many of the Ukrainian refugees in Sweden.

It is non-political and is not connected to any organization. It is an initiative by Sven Bergland (private) in co-operation with volonteers from Ukraine. Sven has been engaged in supporting refugees in Stockholm since the beginning of the war. He volunteered in the initiative Kaffe för Ukrainare now Care för Ukrainare in Sundbyberg/Solna and he has met thousands of refugees. It shall be noted that this webpage is his private initiative and not connected to any organisation.

It is difficult for refugees in Sweden to make their voices heard. Through this site you can read their own stories and quickly gather more information about news connected to the current situation.

We started this site with the aim to try to improve the situation - especially the financial situation - for the poorest and the worst affected. Todays financial support is insufficient for those in need and this is not beneficial neither for the Ukrainians, nor for the Swedish society.

Our Ukrainian volunteers would like to emphasize that they are greatful to Sweden for hosting them and for Swedens support to Ukraine. Nevertheless - for many - living in Sweden is very complicated and many have chosen to leave Sweden due to this.

Many refugees have less problems than the worst affected. We will focus on these at a later stage, as they do not need the same support. However, their stories are just as interesting to listen to!

We always indicate the source when we publish news/texts. We only publish stories with the permission of the storyteller. The storyteller can be anonymous on our site but not to us. We controll the stories by interviews and talks with the storyteller. If you would like to use material from our site and need more information about the source - please contact us. Some storytellers have agreed to contact with media and we can share their contact details with you.

"Sweden is doing great in supporting Ukraine in Ukraine...

Unfortunately we fail in supporting the parents, the wifes and the children of the soliders here in Sweden - on our own back yard. This must change or the aftermath for the Swedish Government and Sweden as a country will be harsh.

It would not cost much to help the poorest - but it would make a great difference.

Today an adult receives SEK 71 a day. A child between 37 and 50. A mother with two children must live on approx SEK 160 a day - equalent to EUR 14 / USD 15. This shall cover all needs, except the rent that is provided for.

We need emergency help NOW!"

I believe the aftermath of this situation will be harsh and give many politicians and people a bad concious. We often say that we have made mistakes in our integration of foreigners coming here. NOW we actually have a chance to change this - instead of complaining afterwards.

Sweden will be known as the country who supported Ukraine in Ukraine very good - we helped their soldiers. But - we failed to support the parents, the wifes and the children of the soldiers that are here in Sweden - and left many to real poverty/a misserable life. Actually many refugees have left Sweden to go to other countries because it is to difficult to live here!"

Sven Bergland